Friday, March 20, 2009

Just Another Day

Waking up and feeling gravity press me on the bed not wanting me to go to work on monday. loud screams every morning from my mom telling my sister to get dressed faster and to go brush her teeth. my mom is the second room away from me and my sisters room and even then i can hear the radio playing a prank on a selected person over the phone. My cat Pupi sees me move just a bit and sees me yawn as he walks toward me meowing with every step for me to get up and give him his morning bowl. i struggle to get up with my vision being a blur and my eyes and body feeling the effect of the late night fiasco i have on sundays. i finally possess the strength to get up from bed and walk to the bathroom for my "morning release" lol; my sisters screaming about absolutely nothing important and my mom getting dressed for work.
I head to the kitchen and pour Pupi, who follows my every step when im at home, his bowl of cat food as he purrs and presses his body next to my leg every now and then while trying to stand up and get the food from the counter. I place it under the table and he rushes to eat some even though hes not really hungry but he does it because of bad habit. i head back to the room and Pupi shortly follows after and begin selecting my clothes for work. my mother and sister leave about a half and hour later once i am beginning to put on my clothes from getting a quick wash up and then its just me and the third born lol. We finish up the last touches nd leave together, seperating once we reach the grocery store up the block from the apartment.
I take 3 trains to get to work, the L, J, and M train if the J decides to go Express after Myrtly- Broadway. my day at work is pretty hectic since i work in a medical center where alot of our patients are either old and cranky, people who are impatient, loud, and rude and doctors who have been in the profession for years and yet still dont know which insurances require authorization for procedures or not. I am the front desk manager and i make sure that everything is running smoothly, authorizations, making letters, entering doctors into insurances dealing with patients and their eligibility, making sure my co- worker is not making any mistakes on the charts, setting up the doctors charts so that it can be easier for them to write their notes, making copies of the superbills, placing them in order of insurance and by the patients name. its alot but Wednesdays are the far worse of the week. i must try and get the majority done so that i can leave on time to get to my 5:45pm class. after class i either go home or my boyfirend picks me up. you will hear alot about him so dont worry. but besides that i head home where the third born is usually waiting for me and shortly after my mother and baby sister arrive from work and my grandmothers house. once again it ends just like it started. my eyes begin to get weak and heavy, gravity taking a toll on my body i head for bed where Pupi greets me with a soft sleepy stare and he scoots over and makes room for me i turn on my night light and i get warm. soon everything is dark and i wake up tuesday hours later to the same old story but no work just school until 7:30 pm.